At Lake Buloke, near Donald, in 2011, a rescuer was shot in the face and hands.  She was extremely lucky not to have been killed or blinded.

This segment is a tribute to her courage and acts as a warning to all rescuers, whether experienced or not, who face serious dangers from duck shooters while on the wetlands.

Insurance companies regard CADS’ activities on the wetlands as too dangerous to insure.

Following the shooting, CADS was able to purchase the same ballistic goggles that the Australian Defence Forces use while on deployment overseas, which rescuers now wear on the wetlands.

20 March 2011, front page of the Sunday Herald Sun

Sunday Herald Sun 19th March 2011 article by Hamish Heard and Mitchell Toy – click below to read article


Channel 7 News Story of the Shooting Incident

Rescuers in action wearing the new ballistic goggles on the opening of the 2012 duck shooting season at Lake Buloke