We act for native waterbirds

CADS’ rescuers are front-line fighters for the protection of Australia’s native waterbirds. We represent the interests of native waterbirds — in the media, the courts, to parliament and on behalf of the public.

Since 1986, thousands of volunteers from around Australia and overseas have donated their time and money to help protect and rescue Australian native waterbirds, venturing onto the wetlands to move birds out of shotgun range and rushing wounded birds to on-site veterinary care. Our rescuers come from all walks of life but are united in their desire to stop injustice and cruelty.

Native waterbird rescue

We warn waterbirds away from the guns, we rescue wounded birds, and recover illegally shot protected and threatened species.

Mobile veterinary clinic

CADS is accompanied by Wildlife Victoria’s mobile veterinary clinic on the opening of the duck shooting season. Wounded birds are x-rayed for injuries and receive veterinary treatment and care. Birds requiring further rehabilitation are transported to Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary or to a wildlife carer, until they have recovered enough to safely return to their habitat.

Documenting illegal activity

Our frontline volunteers assist by taking photos and footage of illegal shooter behaviour. Because major party politicians do not come to the wetlands to witness the atrocities, the recovered birds are displayed outside the Premier’s office at 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

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